Is Summer YouTube’s Strongest Season?

andrea wavingIn the world of advertising, summer is the dead zone. American Horror Story is off the air, families are on vacay and the only fresh, quality programming can be found on your computer. Because of this, advertising rates drop across the board.

…And while traditional programming does see a dip in viewership, YouTube statistically stays strong in the summer months. In fact, YouTube viewership grows. People actually watch as much as 10% more online video in the summer. Divimove, a European MCN, found this stat goes up to 20% more for teenagers. Kids out of school have all the time in the world to watch cat videos. Lucky bastards.

This may all seem very “duh” to you, yet YouTube advertising rates drop to their cheapest during the summer. This likely boils down to supply and demand — there’s not a lot of shit brands are looking to hock in the summer, yet creators are still pumping out videos. Unlike Donald Draper, YouTube’s content creators keep at it, despite it being warmer outside. Divimove determined this lull in demand from advertisers and ad men drops the cost per 1,000 ad impressions somewhere between 5% and 7%.

In short? Summer just might be the secret ROI sauce for YouTube.

Ads Come To Netflix, Sort Of

netflixReports have surfaced that Netflix has started testing ads before and after shows. Cue the internal screaming. Currently, the ads are only being tested in certain markets, with only certain subscribers in certain markets currently seeing the ads — so chances are, if you haven’t seen one yet, you’re not going to. Lastly, the ads are only for Netflix Original Programming. Is your breathing back to normal yet?

While there’s tons of grumbling from the peanut gallery, namely Twitter, Netflix’s original programming ads are actually quite similar to how HBO and Showtime promote their own line-ups. Think about the last time you caught up on GIRLS on HBO GO… You may not remember it, but more than likely, you watched an ad for Game of Thrones before you delved into Hannah’s latest quarter-life crisis.

When poked on these new ads, Netflix confirmed they are doing some testing but insisted they are keeping ads in the original programming family. “Our policy around ads is unchanged. We have no plans to support third-party ad units,” a Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch. This means no commercials for Tide interrupting your binge-watching of Orange is the New Black on June 12th.

While Netflix may be saying that now, many analysts are betting the company will open ads to brands in the future, if only to pay for all that original programming. Shit ain’t cheap, ya know …And just think about it, with Netflix’s enormous database of individual user histories, they could sell ads precisely targeted to your interests. C’mon, what’s a bigger indicator of your personality than your watch history? 

How Social Media Got Me Hired

We’ve all been there. Your mouse hovering over the untag button. Your face flushed, tongue doing the Miley and your hairstyle left the building hours ago. The idea of reporting the photo your tagged in as abuse floats through your mind. You begin to wonder… Do my friends secretly hate me?

These are the types of photos we don’t want future employers to find. It is the possibility of recruiters/professors/bosses stumbling onto these less than perfect photos of ourselves that turn us into digital hermits. This paranoia often makes people feel like they need to go into digital hiding. And yes, while any employer worth their snuff will be doing some digital digging on you, there’s no need to become invisible. Instead, optimize your social presence.

Social media gives us all the tools we need to brand and present ourselves as whoever we want to be. When people Google your name, be in charge of what comes up. Don’t allow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to control you. Take back ownership of your social profile and its privacy settings to create a representation of your best self.

Working in the field of social media, I see lots of different types of transparency online. No two web personalities are quite the same. Some are completely honest about the (literal) highs and lows of their lives, sharing details about their lives that could be considered an anonymous tip to police. Think about it though, a risque tweet from a VICE correspondent about their night out isn’t likely to get them called into HR. If anything, it may raise their profile. They’re being on-brand.

On the other side of the coin, it’s not rare to see a social media professional keep completely separate accounts for business and pleasure. Personally, I prefer a happy medium. I’ve built a healthy following sharing my sass with the world and I’m lucky to work in a field where being tongue-in-cheek is almost a requirement. If I were to suddenly shift my online persona into a more buttoned-up (and non-cursing) version of me, I’d alienate some of my network.

Real recognizes real and half of making social work for you is being confident in who you are online. You will soon build a following of people that dig your digital persona and that feels much better than building an audience you don’t truly connect with. This means knowing before you hit send, that you stand by that tweet — even if Maggie from HR were to see it.

With that being said, I value every single follower I have. While it may seem small, the simple gesture of mutually following another person opens so many doors. For example, when I see a job or creative opportunity posted by someone in my social network that I’m interested in, I cut through so much corporate crap by hopping into those DMs and expressing my interest.

I know for a fact, that I got my current job because of Twitter. It’s a funny story, but after an interview for a position I was wholly unqualified for, I did some digital digging and followed my interviewer on Twitter. Thanks to his follow back, I was able to stay on his radar — and once again cut through the mountain of work emails he receives and communicate with him on a platform that wasn’t as noisy for him.

Fast forward a couple of months, he had switched companies and was looking to hire a social media manager. THIS was the moment I was waiting for… And all those months he was following and engaging with me online, I had low-key been proving to him how capable I was of handling the position.

Thanks to popping up regularly in his feed, I was one of the first he thought to hit up when the position was posted. Whether or not I got the position after the interview is irrelevant, my foot was in the door because of our social networking.

And having the senior vice president of marketing quote my Twitter bio during our interview… That’s a moment you just don’t forget: A lady in the streets, but a freak in the tweets. 

Go Home Google, You’re Drunk

mixologyGoogle is now your number one drinking buddy.

The powerful search tool rolled out a new feature on March 6th, showing users how to make any cocktail, from a Moscow Mule to a margarita, with one simple query. Search your cocktail of choice, and Google uses it’s information graph to fetch step-by-step instructions, a list of ingredients, and even serving suggestions like type of garnish or drinkware in one step.

You may have come across Google’s Knowledge Graph when searching for a certain person, place or thing. Instead of only giving you search results like a typical search, the Knowledge Graph summarizes information drawn from the web into a neat and super easy-to-read snippet. The info is usually sourced from content sites like Wikipedia and is constantly updated to stay fresh.

With the tool optimized for mobile use, whipping up a little something fancy for your friends to get fucked up just got that much easier. Clutch.

Instagram’s Naughty New Filters

IMG_2171-0.PNGThe photo-sharing giant rolled out several updates today that are sure to make us even more addicted to Instagram than we already are. Most noteworthy? The five new filters, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Arden, and Perpetua. According to Instagram’s press release about the new filters, (yes, this really exists), the five new filters are intended to “soften and subtly shift colors.” In the past, Instagram got lots of flack for it’s high-contrast filters, causing many to download third-party photo editors. If you weren’t careful with Insta’s original filters, you could legitimately end up orange. THANKS Kelvin.

One of the more user-friendly updates is the ability to arrange the filters’ order in your tray. Not a fan of Ludwig? Stick it in the back! That filter was for suckers anyway.

And what would the Internet be without a bit of perversion? It didn’t take long for trolls to realize you could spell one particularly naughty phrase with the customizable filter tray. 12 year olds, rejoice.

Changing the Boobtube to Youtube

brofistIt comes as no surprise that dudes dig online video. We’ve seen Pewdiepie’s stats — millennial men enjoy themselves some Youtube… Now, this hunch is supported by Nielsen research. According to the information and ratings giant, millennial men consume online video more than other demographic. To which women around the world collectively say, “duh.”

In the US, young males viewing habits total to about 2 hours and 15 minutes each week of watching videos on the Internet. What’s more interesting, is that while millennial men are seemingly eating up online content, they’re giving traditional television a hard pass. The ‘young dude’ demo spends the least amount of time watching TV in the traditional sense, just 20 hours each week in front of the tube. In comparison, millennial women are clocking in 23 hours a week on average. We blame, Shonda Rhimes.

The discrepancies among ethnicities featured in Nielsen’s report were also worthy of noting. African American millennial men spent more time than the national average watching both television and online video, while Asian American millennial males watched less TV but beat out the national average for online video consumption by nearly 2 hours.

So cheer up, everyone else’s boyfriend is ignoring them for Netflix too.

The Evolution of YouTube Ads

Do we really hate the ads before videos as much as we like to think? New data released by YouTube claims ads may just be growing on us. According to the king of online video, 2014’s top-performing ads were 50% longer than last year and were viewed at a 50% higher rate.

The reason? Ad creators have actually started spending time and money making their videos freaking interesting. We’re not pressing “skip ad” with as much fervor as before… We’re actually enjoying these longer 3-minute ads, largely due to the fact that the content is catered to online viewers and the YouTube platform. Brands are beginning to understand the space and, in turn, are collaborating with some of platform’s biggest creator’s for sponsored content that actually has an engaged audience. Boom.

To put this data into perspective, the top 20 performing ads racked up 425 million views and over 1 billion minutes watched in 2014 — compare that to 2012’s 200 million minutes consumed and you’ve given an Donald Draper a boner.

2014’s top performing ad: Purina’s Dear Kitten — 18.5 million views and counting

Google 4 Kids

rambo originalGoogle just had to go and kill every 12 year’s old fun.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering has recently revealed plans to develop versions of Chrome and YouTube built for users 12 and under, including parental controls like time limits. There is currently no release date for the kid-friendly versions of Google’s biggest products, but the project is said to be a big priority for the company. Word on the street is that Google already has kids dropping by to beta-test the software on the regular.

2014’s Kings & Queens of Tumblr


Tumblr announced the community’s most reblogged actors of 2014 as part of it’s end of year wrap-up. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence nabbed the top spots, with Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson coming in close second. In other news, we still think Cumberbitch looks like an alien potato.

Here’s the complete list of Tumblr’s most stanned celebs:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence & Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Emma Watson & Tom Hiddleston
  3. Jensen Ackles and Shailene Woodley
  4. Dylan O’Brien and Lupita Nyong’o
  5. Misha Collins and Angelina Jolie
  6. Jared Padalecki and Emma Stone
  7. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson
  8. Martin Freeman and Holland Roden
  9. Sebastian Stan and Jenna Coleman
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Lange

Professionals are DTF, too

200172357-001Looking for love on Tinder is essentially like being a detective. You’re attempting to piece together a complete stranger based on a couple of (hopefully not shirtless) pix and a catchphrase-length bio (please god, no lyrics). This is no cakewalk.

Sure, Tinder reveals your potential match’s age and location, but it doesn’t give you the real detail a girl wants to know — is this dude a scrub or nah? With Tinder’s current set-up, you’re essentially deeming a guy worthy of sneaking into those DMs based on how douchey his selfies are. This lack of information can lead to a lot of “actors” and currently unemployed “entrepreneurs” asking for your A/S/L on a Saturday night. Chats with Tinder suitors usually follow the same script — what are you up to? where are you from? This is typical small talk before you get to the nitty gritty. Let’s be real, you trying to calculate that paaaaycheck.

Lucky for your gold-digging ass, there’s an app for that.

Piggybacking off of LinkedIn’s database of professionals, BeLinked is a hook-up for finding the financial advisor of your dreams. Instead of signing in using your Facebook like Tinder, you create a profile on BeLinked by signing into LinkedIn. The functionality is essentially the same as Tinder (swipe left for hell no, swipe right for sexy-time). The difference is, BeLinked discloses your industry, job title and education to potential matches.

While these differences may seem insignificant, they can serve as a user’s saving grace. Think about it. A javascript genius who had difficultly landing babes on Tinder, may just be the belle of the ball on BeLinked after the techy thots do the math and figure out he’s balling.

Whether you use BeLinked for casual sex with CEOs or networking (borrrring), knowing more information about a person you’re considering meeting blindly is a good thing. At least it gives a bit more information to the police when they’re looking for your body.